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Sweepers 4 U

Sweepers 4 U

Professional Cleaning Service Provider for Residential Areas

Our Residential Cleaning Packages

At Sweepers 4 U, whatever messy state your living space is in, trust us to turn it squeaky-clean! We offer residential cleaning services to clients in Mississauga, Ontario and nearby areas.

Our cleaners are reliable and flexible to meet your needs, whether it’s a one-time cleaning, maintenance, or a long-term contract. The services we offer are affordable, and they can be customized to your cleaning requirements and budget.

We are fully insured, and we only hire experienced cleaners. This is to ensure your satisfaction comes first. Contact us for more information. 

Our Standard Cleaning Service

Here are what you should expect:

  • All kitchen surfaces will be cleaned.
  • All appliances’ exterior and surfaces will be cleaned and degreased as required.
  • Indoor window cleaning is included (assuming standard window dimensions).
  • All furniture will be dusted and polished as required.
  • All toilets, showers, sinks, and tubs will be cleaned.
  • All rooms will be cleaned and organized.
  • All floor types will be either vacuumed and/or mopped.

Our Deep Cleaning Service

All items in our standard cleaning service are included plus the following detailed tasks:

  • All electrical switches and outlets will be cleaned.
  • All air vents/returns will be cleaned to remove dirt and dust.
  • All lighting and fixtures will be dusted.
  • All doors and door frames will be cleaned (including glass doors).
  • Baseboards will be dusted and cleaned.
  • We will remove cobwebs.
  • The interior and sidings of all kitchen appliances, including fridges and ovens will be cleaned (vacant unit only).
  • We will clean the floor under and wall behind stoves and refrigerators.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets/drawers will be cleaned (vacant unit only).
  • We will polish all stainless steel kitchen appliances.

To better determine the suitable service and pricing for your location, please book a free no-obligation assessment. Call us at 437-238-1401 or email us at [email protected].

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