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Sweepers 4 U

Sweepers 4 U

Looking for a Professional Cleaning Company? We Are the One You Should Call!

Who We Are

At Sweepers 4 U, we aim to give you the tidiness and comfort that you need! We do residential and commercial cleaning in Mississauga, Ontario and nearby areas. Connect with us today to discover more.

Our Cleaning Philosophy

We believe that a clean working and living environment is a healthy one. Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the high standards of cleanliness means you can focus on your work and, most importantly, your customers. Quality control is very important to us and we believe that the key to success is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services.

Our People 

Each member of the Sweepers4u team is carefully screened to ensure that they meet our core values which includes integrity, conscientiousness, and a strong work ethic. In addition, each team member is thoroughly trained to perform the job at the highest standards as set by Sweepers4u.

About Us

Sweepers4u offers a full range of cleaning services to suit any business and any budget. From light office cleaning to deep institutional and commercial detailing, our highly trained staff will ensure your environment remains a pleasant, safe, and healthy one for all customers/residents and staff.

For your peace of mind, we carry comprehensive general liability and property damage insurance, and all our staff members are covered by Workers' Compensation.


My name is Cristina David and I’m the founder and owner of Sweepers4U. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning/janitorial services and presently serve the Greater Toronto area and the West End suburbs, including the Region of Peel and beyond. 

My Cultural Background

I am a Filipina migrant in Canada. As a typical Filipino, I consider my home to be a showcase, not just of status but more importantly of character. For Filipinos, a well-kept home mirrors the owner’s sense of order, cleanliness, and respect of self. It will not be a surprise that we take great pride and effort to make our house look “presentable.”

There is an almost intense psychological connection between the Filipino and his home that ties up with our cultural beliefs and one’s personality. Hence, you will most likely never visit a Filipino home uncleaned.

Professional Background

I have a degree in business from the Philippines and I have taken a few certificates and professionals upgrades in Canadian colleges. I have more than 15 years of experience in real estate and more than 10 years of experience in the energy sector (gas and electricity) in Canada.

How I Discovered My Niche

I always loved to clean. Being a meticulous homeowner and a real estate investor myself, I understand the need to have your home in a pleasant, clean, and healthy environment. Like you, one of my biggest things is to come home where I feel relaxed and finally just chill in after long hours of work.

Being a real estate investor, I understand the need to keep your place in showroom-shape for the next tenant, pre-selling, or perhaps prepped for your pre- and post-entertainment occasions. Like many of you, I’ve also hired cleaning services (including the “Big Name” companies) that simply didn’t meet my expectations and I was often left to finish the job myself.

It’s for this reason that I felt the time was right to venture out on my own and fill this market need for a high-quality boutique cleaning service that provides transparency in every detail.

You don’t have to worry about new or added costs after service is completed since you will be provided with a detailed task of your purchase package. We will respond to any concerns at no charge within 48 hours. At Sweepers4U, every cleaning assignment is treated with equal importance and care.

My Venture in Commercial Services

Having a commercial property and talking to friends and colleagues that either owned businesses or managed commercial businesses, we share common concerns on hired janitorial services/cleaners who simply couldn’t meet our expectations. Understanding the need for quality cleaning services in commercial industries are crucial to the business. And again, this is how I started!

Managing commercial properties can be a real balancing act. While I pride on being affordable, I ensure that quality of service will never be compromised. I work with clients to customize their service level cleaning requirements and stay within budget—no surprises! I may be a small company for now, but we have the equipment, experience, team and the heart to tackle any size of job.

My Team

For my client’s peace of mind, each member of the Sweepers4U team is carefully screened to ensure that they meet our core values: namely integrity, conscientiousness, and a strong work ethic. In addition, each team member is thoroughly trained to perform the job to the highest standards as set by Sweepers4U.

To that end, we shadow new members and do frequent spot checks of our veteran’s work to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

My Promise to You!

At Sweepers4U, we don't just maintain basic standards; we go above and beyond. We count on positive customer experiences for referrals, so our reputation is of the utmost importance to us. Whether it’s a one-time cleaning service or a long-term service contract, we will treat all our relationships with equal care.


Cristina David

Our Mission

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